Advocating for Yourself with Hypothyroidism


Back in the “old days” of health care, you may have had a family doctor who treated you and your family for decades. The kindly doctor spent time with you, knew your family and personal history, and—gasp—even made house calls! At the same time, doctors were never questioned. A doctor’s word and decisions were [...]

Advocating for Yourself with Hypothyroidism2023-04-20T14:52:22-04:00

The Power of Baby Steps in Reducing Hypothyroid Symptoms


Living in a society that is always in a hurry and largely based on convenience means our pace of life has increased. Wanting everything now including: success, weight loss and great health seems to be the norm. This is also how many of us thyroid patients approach changes and goals. Sometimes, patience is hard [...]

The Power of Baby Steps in Reducing Hypothyroid Symptoms2023-04-20T14:52:17-04:00
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